„More Power instead of acidification!“  
What effect have physical electrotherapy, energy-bath or ionic-bath?

For medical staff only !

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Energy-baths are part of the methods of regulatory medicine and are successfully used for more than 100 years in physical medicine.

“Ions are electrically parts, which are naturally solved in water or are naturally present in the air. You could speak of ions as tiny batteries, that recharge our body's energy.” All the time we exchange those tiny batteries (ions, electrons, photons, quantum parts…) with our environment. There are places in nature like in the mountains or at the sea where the natural amount of ions is very high. The concentrations are up to 5.000 Ions per cm³ . Thesen are places of well-being, where we recharge our body's electrical system. “

(Dr. med. F.J. Sperlich, Medical doctor, Expert on Biological Medicine, University of Milano)


Acids*1 need electrons to bind, because they have a lack of electrons (e-).

How are energy-bath being used?

Energy-baths can produce a surplus of free (mobile) electrons for the body. Similar to places in nature with a surplus of electrons and ions.

After a few minutes the resistance of the skin is going down and the permeability of the skin for ions is rising up. The body can be balanced electrically. A surplus of negative ions (e-) in the energy-bath water is building up a charge potential (produced by the yellow electrode)

Sometimes one can sense a prickling feeling. This shows the charging processes of the body, which are accelerated. Very small currents are flowing through the body – like the natural body electricity.


Hand or feet in energy-bath

How often should ionic baths being used?

We recommend a daily application of 15 minutes.
As often as possible and as much as tolerated. There is no restriction on metabolic processes.
The only limitation is the ability of the whole organism to regulate. The body needs regulatory energy all the time.

Top athleths are using the ionic baths daily for 30 minutes.

Treatment recommendation:

The regulatory capacity of the body can be improved using several treatment modules. The two recommended therapy modules are both biophysical applications: ionic bath for supporting the body with a surplus of energy. Second: Sweep Biofeedback-Frequencies to give the body the necessary impulses to support its own healing processes. Validation of the application effect is shown by ECG signal (electro-cardio-gram) combined with HRV analysis (heart rate variability).



Recognized applications:
  • pain, headaches, migraines
  • inflammation of the skeletal system
  • skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, severe acne
  • Allergies and hay fever, asthma
  • Rheumatic complaints
  • blood circulation disorders, lymphatic oedema
  • polyneuropathy
  • susceptibility to infections and acute infections,
  • to support the immune system
  • Acid-base imbalances, gout
  • chronic fatigue syndrome - CFS
  • heavy metal contamination, for example by amalgam
  • faster regeneration after severe diseases and
  • to support the detoxification process during
    ayurveda cures



How to handle peaks of acid excretion after 6-10 hours?

Acids that remained in the body or stored acids can be neutralized by electrons through the intake of electrons. When the body gets lots of free (mobile) electrons many acids are solved and the kidneys have much to do. Drinking water is essential for this therapy. Via the excretory organs, the organism' can get rid of the metabolic waste. If too many substances are resolved at once, it can lead to congestion. In this case please reduce the duration of application. Please make sure to drink enough water after the application to support kidney function.
The strongest peaks of excretion (metal compounds, acids, toxins ...) will take place about 6 -10 hours after the ionic bath in the urine.

(medical doctor M. Griesz-Brisson, Ph.D., London)



Does detoxification functions via hands and feet?

Normally, the body pulls ions (electrons) from the water. Of course also positive charges like acids came through the skin into the water of the ionic bath, too. Thus, a part of the de-acidification can take place directly via the hands or feet.



What experts say:

"Since I started the detox foot bath in my clinic after a medical Congress in Cologne in June 2005 I had to restructure the entire workflow. The positive reactions of the patient's health were so amazing that I treated nearly all of them, whether new or old patients, with this system to promote the regulation. Clear improvements could be observed in terms of sleep disorders, allergies, chronic fatigue, rheumatism and arthritis but also in the psychological realm. Many people acknowledged a subjective improvement of well-being and vitality.”
(Prof. Dr. Michael Kesztele, expert in internal medicine, Linz)

"Patient, 34 years, nurse, for nearly two years recurrent eczema on the hands, strongly cracked skin, sores, crusting and desquamation, unable to perform his professional duties; After 6 ions baths almost complete healing of the eczema."
(Dr. Franz Jürgen Sperlich, Bremen)

Patient, male, 35 J.:
"I had to struggle for years with hay fever. Especially in spring it was bad. From May to June, I made five applications of the ionic bath. Helped tremendously, very quickly. I've noticed for the first time that I could breath easily again. After 5 sessions I got rid of my symptoms. Thank you! "
(Clinic Peter Lutz, Naturopath, Garmisch-Partenkirchen)